Straits Family Sunday

Peranakan Museum
07 Jan 2018 - 02 Dec 2018
1 to 5pm
Free admission to programme

Explore the colourful world of Peranakans every first Sunday of each month.


Make arts and crafts based on the museum's collection, or go on a special, themed tour of the galleries. Dress up with the whole family in a batik shirt or sarong kebaya, and enjoy a fun-filled Sunday at the Peranakan Museum.

Date  Theme 
7 Jan Selamat Tahun Baru! (Happy New Year!)
4 Feb Tahun Baru, Baju Baru! (New Year, New Clothes!)
4 Mar Jemput Makan Ramay Ramay! (Come Lets All Eat Together!)
1 Apr Easter Sunday!
6 May Si Nyonya Manis! (Hey Pretty Lady!)
3 Jun Mari Amek Gambar! (Come Lets Take Photo!)
1 Jul Click Click
5 Aug Peranakan Portraits
2 Sep Warna Warni (Colourful)
7 Oct Mari Dondang Sayang (Lets Dondang Sayang)
4 Nov Berkilau Kilau (So Shiny)
2 Dec 'Tis the Season

Check the website regularly for updates on each month's activities.