Public Lecture: LAOK LAOK EMBOK EMBOK The Origins and Culture of Nonya Cuisine

The Ixora Room, Peranakan Museum
23 Nov 2017

In this talk, Matthew Tan will discuss the origins and culture of nonya (also spelled “nyonya”) cuisine, including the now forgotten terms used by the older generations. The talk will also explore how dishes served in baba homes encompassed the happy, sad, and ceremonial occasions of life. Mr Tan will re-acquaint audiences with simple, everyday dishes, such as ayam goreng tauyu lada manis (fried chicken with sweet black soya sauce and pepper) and gerago goreng tepong (krill fritters). The audience will also learn about almost-vanished, traditional dishes, including babi moro (pork with fermented soy beans and red onions), buah paya masak titik (papaya and prawns in spicy gravy), and the various tohay dishes made from fermented krill and red yeast.

About the speaker

Matt Tan is an active contributor to the Peranakan revival on social media. He grew up watching his parents cooking dishes learned from his paternal grandmother, Khoo Quee Neo, matriarch of her River Valley Road home, Bonny Grass. When Matt's father passed away in 2002, he realised he wanted to learn to cook the food he ate regularly at home, and also record the family recipes for future generations. 

This lecture is free. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. No registration is required.


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