Straddling Cultures, Crossing Regions, Mediating Worlds: Peranakans and Southeast Asian Business History

Ixora Room, Peranakan Museum
03 Nov 2015
7pm to 8.30pm
Free (registration required)
Tan Kim Tian family portrait at Botan House. Collection of the Peranakan Museum.


Speaker: Koh Keng We

This talk explores how Peranakan Chinese helped shape the economic and business history of Singapore, the Malay world, and beyond. Their cultural and socio-political capital allowed many merchants and entrepreneurs to occupy important positions within the political economy. It will also discuss the challenges faced by these creolized communities in the changing local, regional, and global environments during the first half of the 20th century and beyond.  It locates the fates and fortunes of the Peranakan Chinese in the economic history of Singapore, the Malay region, and the world.

This lecture is organised in conjunction with the Great Peranakans exhibition. 

This lecture is free. Due to limited seats, registration is required. Please email to reserve seats.

About the speaker

Koh Keng We joined the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Nanyang Technological University in 2014. He was previously curator at the Dr You-Bao Shao Center for Overseas Chinese Documentation and Research, Ohio University Libraries, and on the faculty at Seoul National University, where he headed the Southeast Asia program in the Department of Asian Languages and Civilization. His research interests include the Asian business history, maritime trade, Chinese religions, Asian migrations and diasporas, and colonialism.